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Human Service Associate Courses

Numbers in parenthesis are credit hours/semester and actual hours/week in class.

Where special course fees are required in addition to tuition, they are noted at the end of the individual course description. These fees are subject to change without prior notice.

HSA  101 - Introduction to Human Services (3, 3)

This course provides a foundation for exploring the fields of social work, counseling and human services as well as information on practicum, fieldwork, and internship. It is strongly advised for any student interested in the fields of professional helping. This is a web hybrid course that requires use of the internet.

HSA  102 - Interviewing Principles and Techniques (3, 3)

Use of interview in gathering and imparting information pertinent to making diagnostic assessments for the purpose of advocating, referring and/or establishing treatment plans; learning the skills and techniques necessary for effective interviewing. This is a Moodle Hybrid course that requires use of the internet.

HSA  107 - Psychoactive Drugs (3, 3)

The pharmacology of psychoactive drugs and their effect on the body systems is presented. Signs and symptoms of drug use, withdrawal, overdose/toxicity and effects of multiple drug use are discussed.

HSA  108 - Introduction to Addiction Counseling (3, 3)

An introductory course, focusing on the issue of substance abuse/chemical dependency. Emphasis will be on the pharmacology of psychoactive drugs, and signs and symptoms of psychoactive chemical use/abuse. Various theories of drug use in today's society will be studied, as well as types of treatment available, and the effectiveness of each. Legal considerations associated with the psychoactive substance are also discussed.

HSA  109 - Addiction Treatment (3, 3)

Examines current treatment modalities and strategies utilized in working with individuals who are chemically dependent. Focus is on the general management of substance abuse disorders, as well as exploring treatment issues for special population groups. A holistic approach to treatment, incorporating bio-psycho-social-spiritual aspects, is emphasized.

HSA  110 - Sign Language I (3, 3)

An introduction to sign language with emphasis on vocabulary building, sign principles and the development of expressive and receptive sign skills. Brief history of sign language and deaf education, manual and oral. Focus will be on ASL (American Sign Language) principles.

HSA  111 - Sign Language II (3, 3)

Prerequisite: HSA 110 or consent of instructor

Continuation of HSA 110 at the intermediate level. Course focuses on vocabulary building, conceptual accuracy, and expressive and receptive skill building. Some discussion of job opportunities in areas of deafness and of the culture of the deaf.

HSA  112 - Sign Language III (3, 3)

Prerequisite: HSA 111 or consent of instructor

This is an introduction to sign language interpreting with emphasis on expressive and receptive skill building. It is an advanced course that focuses on vocabulary building and increasing conceptual accuracy of hearing and deaf idioms.

HSA  113 - Issues of Diversity (3, 3)

This course focuses on cultural diversity as a positive force in a global world. The students will examine the influence of culture in their own lives, and on the lives of others. Through understanding of the importance of cultural differences, human service personnel will be better prepared to bring sensitivity and objectivity to the helping process. Cross-cultural intervention skills are emphasized.

HSA  209 - Social Implications of Addictions (3, 3)

Explores the effect of alcoholism and substance abuse on the individual, the family, peer group, employer and community in general. Examine theories and techniques of working with individuals and groups impacted by substance abuse.

HSA  212 - Intro to Intergroup Relationships (3, 3)

Examines principles of working with others in groups. Explores the group process techniques to enhance group function, and development of basic leadership skills.

HSA  213 - Human Services Interventions (3, 3)

Introduction to the principles, practices and guidelines used in human services with emphasis on ethical practice.

HSA  231 - Human Services Internship I (3, 11)

Prerequisite: Consent of coordinator

Ten (10) hours per week of supervised experiences in facilities such as schools, health care centers, public welfare agencies, family and child welfare agencies that provide human service interventions. A weekly one hour seminar to discuss internship experience is included. This is a course with one hundred and fifty (150) hours of supervised experience in social service agencies with a two-hour weekly seminar.  Fee.  Malpractice insurance fee.

HSA  233 - Addictions Studies Internship I (3, 17)

Prerequisite: Consent of coordinator

Two hundred and fifty (250) hours of supervised experiences in human services agencies that deal with prevention, intervention and counseling of individual and groups affected by substance abuse. A weekly one hour seminar to discuss internship experiences included. Scheduled synchronized sessions are included for the seminar part of the course.  Fee.

HSA  234 - Addictions Studies Internship II (3, 17)

Prerequisite: HSA 233 or consent of coordinator

This second internship course encompasses the knowledge, skills and values gained in the first substance abuse internship. Additionally, the internship provides opportunities for the student to integrate the varied dimensions of substance abuse counseling. The course includes two hundred and fifty (250) hours of supervised experiences in human services and a weekly one hour seminar. Schedule synchronized sessions are included for the seminar part of the course.

For additional information contact: Ms. Valerie D. Wise-Burrell, LCSW, CADC, Human Services Associate Program Coordinator at 708-596-2000 x2275.

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